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The British Veterinary Centre

First Aid Advice

In-Patient Care and Hospitalisation

Our own Veterinary team are always the first called for our inpatients – maintaining case continuity and the best care possible for these hospitalised cases.

The following gives some details on what we have and how we look after our patients:

Hospital wards -

SEPARATE cat and dog wards
Intensive care oxygen -  temperature, humidity and oxygen can be controlled helping some of our more delicate patients.
Stress reducing pheromone vaporisers are used in these areas
All stainless-steel cage and kenneling allows for optimum cleaning to reduce infection risk.
Kennels and cages positioned and screened in such a way that individual patients are never face-to-face and thus avoids potential confrontation and stress for our pets.
Lighting can be reduced to low levels to reduce stress.
Comfortable; ambient temperature kept steady with climate control units.
Background music available to help keep the calm atmosphere within the wards.
Independent oxygen supply for any cage or kennel as needed.
Computer and telephone terminals within the ward area mean that nurses maintain a constant presence.
Regular feedback to owners generated directly by frontline staff to keep you fully informed of your pet’s progress. Text and WhatsApp video or photo messages are especially reassuring 



Nursing care is provided for all our inpatients. Constant monitoring is provided when needed.