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The British Veterinary Centre

First Aid Advice

The British Veterinary Centre is a member of IPATA, 


(To Export your pet from the UAE email -

Export from UAE - Seven-step Guide
Export from UAE - Destination Country Data
Export from UAE - Some fee examples
Export from UAE - Customised Quotes
Export from UAE - Export Request Form - Completion Guide

Fully complete the Export Request Form and email it to


(To import your pet to the UAE email -

Import to UAE - General Information
Import to UAE - Bring my dog?

Fully complete the Import Request Form and email it to

Click here to see available payment methods.

"the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association"

Completed forms can also be faxed to +971 (2) 665 5118


Travel Info 


Pet Travel - General Advanced Preparation
Pet Travel - Measure Pet / Size Of Cage