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Vaccine reminders - where vaccinations require regular boosters we aim to send reminders to our clients at an appropriate time prior to the due date. Vaccine reminders are done by sms two weeks prior to the due date and then by telephone call on the due date if the pet hasn’t been seen by then.

Other reminders – if you wish we can provide specific reminders for your pet across a range of services:


Repeat prescriptions – we request that these are ordered two working days in advance in person or by telephone directly to one of our team members on the usual number: 02 6650085.

Diet pre-order – utilise the same facilities as above.

Patient History – client home sheet – please request this form which we can provide as a resume of your pet's clinical history so that the duty vet can more readily help if an emergency situation arises or if you are on holiday.

Suggestions box – please use our box on reception for any comments on The British Veterinary Centre.

Public speaking - Please remember that if you have any groups, schools or societies interested in any aspect of Veterinary Medicine we can often provide a member of the team to present a talk or short seminar for you.

Client Survey – at intervals we carry out client surveys to monitor our level of service. Thank you for your participation.

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Please note: From the 6th of January, our Khalifa City Branch will be open from 0900-1600 every Friday and closed Saturday.

Abu Dhabi | United Arab Emirates

T: +971 (2) 665-0085
F: +971 (2) 665-5118

Khalifa City | United Arab Emirates

T: +971 (2) 550-4111

Emergency: 050 823 0780
(Emergency Number when practices are closed - Only at the Khalidiya branch, Abu Dhabi City)

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