Introducing your precious one to your dog

When you bring home a new baby, it could really be a wonderful experience for everyone in the home especially for your dog that gets to see a baby probably for the first time. Not all dogs have the same reaction when it comes to babies or small children so you have to address this situation carefully and probably with some common sense.

Dogs are known to be creatures of habit. A slight change to an accustomed and usual routine could affect the way he behaves. Definitely, you would not want to him suffer from trauma brought about by sending him away. These tips can help you a lot in having your dog introduced to your precious little baby.

A period of adjustment is brought about by a new born baby to the parents, to everyone in the family, and of course, to another part of the family which is your dog as he may not be able to get the attention he is used to. When you have a baby in the house, there is a tendency for you to forget bout your dog which could be unfair to him as he doesn't really know why it is even happening.

It is important to not neglect your dog after a baby arrives. Do not exclude him from being around especially when your baby is awake. Even before the baby arrives home, you should have taught the dog about what he is not to do when the baby is already there.

In introducing the dog to your baby, you don't have to force a good relationship at once. If your dog may not like the idea or may be too excited just try again some other time. You can allow your dog to sniff and then smell a piece of clothing recently worn by your baby or the baby's blanket instead to get them familiarized with the baby's scent.

You also have to restrict playtime for your dog when your baby is not in the same room. Discourage any wrong behavior when your baby is around.

When your dog is completely acquainted with your baby as well as to the smell and sound they bring about, it is not a good idea to leave them alone together even if you know your dog is going to behave well. Dogs are still animals regardless of being sweet in nature and they can bring about a wrong behavior at unpredictable times.

There are some type of dogs that are more dominant and aggressive naturally. Before your baby arrives home, you should have our dog undergone some obedience training and taught with basic commands. You should have your dog's bad behaviors corrected and you should have an idea when it comes to your dog's disposition.

To assure your pet that he is not forgotten when a new baby arrives, you can do simple things together with your baby and your dog like walks on the park or just a simple tour around your backyard just spending time together. As time goes on, your dog will be able to learn to accept the presence of the baby and will even become attached to him and even be protective of your baby.

Content written by Kerri Spears of Oh My Dog Supplies, where you can find a extraordinary selection of doggy outfits online.

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