Look Out for Ticks in the Warm Months of Summer

During the summer it is so nice and warm. This is a perfect temperature for the ticks to thrive in. Your dog could come across ticks from time to time during other parts of the year too, but more in the summer. This is because it is outside much more during the warmer months. As hard as you try to keep your dog healthy ticks is just one thing that can happen from time to time.

If you like traipsing through the woods with your dog this is a big place for it to pick up ticks. If you don't protect you canine in the right manner ticks will feed on it and can even make it sick. It can come down with Lyme disease from certain ticks.

Lyme disease is caused from a bacteria carried in the tick. It transmits the bacteria to the dog that then becomes infected. So by using tick preventative you not only keep the ticks off the dog but the Lyme disease away too.

The tick preventative is usually part of the treatment you use for fleas. Some of these work better than others. So you might have to try more than one to find the one that works best of your pet. Check with your vet to see what he recommends.

Did you know that ticks can get on you too? They sure can. So not only for your dog is it important for you to keep the ticks away but for your health too. Ticks a very tricky to remove from dogs too, you are not supposed to just yank them off. You have to carefully remove them. Below is how to do this safely.

How to Safely Remove Ticks

You need a little jar of rubbing alcohol; an old baby-food jar would be fine. This is to place the tick in to kill it. A pair of pointed tweezers is also needed. Some disinfectant should be handy along with cotton to apply it. Also some antibiotic ointment should be on hand.

Take the tweezers and place on the tick as near to the head and skin as possible. Pull the tick off gently and place it in the jar of alcohol to kill it. After the tick is dead you can flush alcohol and down the toilet, or place in the trash still in the alcohol. Then swab the area with disinfectant and apply some antibiotic ointment on the area. This will keep the area from becoming infected. You still have to watch for signs of Lyme disease, especially if you are not sure how long the tick has been on the dog.

A Daily Check for Ticks in the Summer

It is advisable that you check your dog for ticks daily during the spring and summer months. If your autumn is still warm check then too. When you live in a warm climate year round there is always a chance of ticks, so keep checking your dog throughout the year.

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