Effective Ways To Improve Your Dog's Behaviour

Almost every family would want a dog around their homes. A dog is really a man's best friend if it has a good relationship with you. Establishing a relationship with your dog can sometimes be tough and it can even depend on your dog's breed. Your dog may not obey you the first time you give it a command. But giving up and ending up with a frustration because you think your dog is not as smart will not help you improve its behavior at all.

If you spend quality time with your dog and be consistent with it, you might get your dog to obey you. It is expected that your dog will still misbehave, though. And of course, there are a lot of ways to improve your dog's behavior when you know how they really behave and how training them could make it all possible.

It is important for you to understand that dogs have a pack mentality because when the dog settles in your home, he might think he is a leader or think of you as the leader. When your dog feels like he is the leader, he gets to do whatever he likes. If your dog has this mentality, obedience training can help you address this problem.

Obedience training is an essential tool in making your dog more responsive to commands. It also helps your dog develop a good relationship towards you as it strengthens the bond between the master and the dog. Dogs have feelings and they make their own decisions. When your dog looks up to you as the master he will always remain faithful and loyal to you. It is best to put enough effort to obedience training and give ample attention and care to your dog if you want your dog to become a better one.

Obedience training can be started with just simply giving your dog attention. When you allot more time for him he will get the chance to know you better then later on respond to your commands. Giving him the proper diet is also important. Manifestations of good and bad behavior will show as you constantly feed him and always play with him. Rewarding your dog with a delightful treat or a just simple pat when you notice good behavior, will encourage him to be better dog. If he does something bad, it is not good to resort to physical punishments. Instead, show your disappointment by not giving him a reward and punish him by not continuing with the activity.

These are basic methods in obedience training and these will only be effective when you do it consistently with your dog while he is still young to avoid problems in the future.

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