Recent research has changed our recommendations on the frequency of de-worming. The individual's life-style along with its age will greatly influence how often they need to be treated. The most recent recommendations suggest three monthly de-worming is ideal particularly with current public health concerns and the possibility of human infection.

A variety of medications can be recommended depending on how easy your pet is to medicate and what would be best suited to its individual circumstances. Our Vets and Nurses can advise you.


The worming programme is also ideally every three months but also depends on an individual's life-style. Veterinary advice is always available. We stock Profender which is a three monthly drops on the back of the neck application that is effective against both round and tapeworm. Deworming tablets for cats are still available but no-ones come up with one that's easy to give to a cat yet. Flea Control

Surprisingly enough fleas aren't a big problem in the UAE. This may change as pet numbers increase in Abu Dhabi along with the human population. A number of excellent products are now available to control these most irritating of unwelcome visitors. Some drugs will also contribute to the control of other ectoparasites (e.g. ticks, mites) like Frontline and Protektor and some help control endoparasites (e.g. roundworms) like Stronghold and Revolution. Looking at the individual's life style, temperament and risk level helps us decide on which product best suits that pet. We have a range of possible products including: sprays, drops onto the skin, injections, tablets and effective collars. Please call in or click here to schedule an apppointment to discuss which method would best suit you and your pet.

Tick Control

For dogs we do recommend that effective tick control is constantly applied. Dogs that are walked on the central grassy reservations pick up lots of ticks. We believe this is because the lawns in Abu Dhabi are fertilized with camel manure that includes loads of ticks. The ticks can then be carried into the house and it isn't long before they are seen on walls and furniture. There are numerous methods of control. Fipronil which is found in Frontline and Protektor is still almost 100% effective with 24hours. Frontline and Protektor come as Spoton Products and Spray formulations. The ticks have to contact the product to be killed. That means if using a Spoton that you may see ticks walking ontop of the fur of the dog. Its only when they attach to the skin that they come into contact with the product and are killed. This problem is avoided by using the spray formulations. We stock tick collars that are very effective too. Some people are less than keen on the strong pesticide smell associated with the collars however. What you want to avoid are supermarket brand collars which contain repellant products (permethrins) – they are pretty effective at driving the ticks off your pet and onto another target which could be yourself or the family cat! If ticks have become established in a building we have housenold sprays (Vetkem Acclaim). The spray is pretty effective against other insects and that includes cockroaches and bed bugs – two other pests that are common in particularly older accommodation in Abu Dhabi!

Click here to read more about ticks and how to remove them.

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