In-Patient Care and Hospitalisation

TWENTY FOUR HOUR nursing care is provided for all our in-patients – the level of presence in the hospital wards being dependant on a patient’s needs. Constant monitoring is provided when needed.

Our own Veterinary team are always the first line of call for our inpatients – maintaining case continuity and the best care possible for these hospitalised patients.

The following gives some details on what we have and how we look after our patients:

Hospital wards -

  • SEPARATE cat and dog wards
  • Intensive care oxygen - the temperature, humidity and oxygen can be controlled helping some of our more delicate and poorly patients
  • .
  • Stress reducing pheromone vaporisers used in these areas
  • Variety of cage and kennel sizes dependant on patients needs
  • All stainless steel cage and kennelling allows for optimum cleaning and thus reducing infection risk.
  • Kennels and cages positioned and screened in such a way that individual patients are never face-to-face and thus avoids potential confrontation and stress for our pets.
  • Lighting can be reduced to low levels again to reduce stress for our patients.
  • Comfortable ambient temperature kept steady with climate control units.
  • Background music available to help keep the calm atmosphere within the wards.
  • Independent oxygen supply can be provided for any kennel as needed.
  • Computer and telephone terminals within the ward area means that the nurse does not have to leave the wards and thus can maintain a constant presence there.

Routine Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday : 7.30am to 10pm Saturday: 8am to 7pm

To make an appointment
Call: (02) 665-0085

Emergency: 050 6151711
(Emergency number when the office is closed is)

*emergency fees are higher than regular fees.