NEWSLETTER BVC, February 2011

Welcome to the February issue of our monthly newsletter. As you may know, February has been designated Pet Dental Month, and we would therefore like to offer our clients some great promotions on pet dental procedures and products.


Dr Jonathan Hale
Head Veterinarian
British Veterinary Centre Abu Dhabi.

News update from Dr. Jonathan
In his monthly article, Dr Jonathan Hale writes about the costs of running a veterinary clinic, about 2 specialist surgeons visiting the BVC and more. If you would like to read his article, please click here.
The 3 D's for proper dental care in pets

Bad breath is often dismissed as a normal condition in pets, but it can be a sign of periodontal disease, which is the most common ailment suffered by dogs and cats over 3 years old. Preventing periodontal disease can result in longer, healthier lives for pets. To prevent dental diseases in your pet you can work with the 3 D program:

Daily brushing: Clean your pet's teeth with a toothbrush once a day. Although most people don't want to do this, and a lot of animals won't allow you it, it is the best of all preventive measures. Only a few minutes a day may safeguard your pet's health while saving you a lot of money by preventing your pet needs of professional dental care. Besides daily brushing special toys have been developed that help keep the gums healthy and clean.

Diet: There are pet foods available at the clinic that reduce plaque and tartar build up by 50%. Please contact our staff for appropriate dental food advice for your pet.

Dentistry: Take your pet to the clinic twice a year for a general health check up, including a dental examination and if necessary professional cleaning.

Special Dental Promotions for February

• BVC offers you a 20% discount on all dental procedures during the month of February

• Hills Pet foods offers you a 30% discount on Hills Prescription Diet Canine T/D and Feline T/D + a Free dental finger brush for your pet with every bag of T/D food purchased.

To obtain the 30% discount you need to print the following voucher and bring to the clinic when purchasing the T/D food. For voucher, please click here. To read more on the benefits of Hill's dental foods, please click here.

Dental Q&A

While bringing your pet in for its annual checkup and vaccinations, we will always check the oral cavity and all its elements for breakage, plaque/tartar build up and gum disease. We will also investigate bad breath and possible abnormal growth. We answer questions regarding your pet's bad breath and advise you on preventing dental problems. If you have questions regarding your pet's dental care, click here for some answers to FAQ's.

Dental specialist visit

Dr. Gerhard Steenkamp BSc BVSc MSc, Senior Lecturer at the University of Pretoria, will be a visiting dental specialist at the BVC on the 26th and 27th of February. Consultation & Surgical appointments with Dr. Steenkamp can be booked directly with the reception staff at the British Veterinary Centre, Abu Dhabi (tel no. 02 6650085). Dr Steenkamp also wrote an article on cleaning pet's teeth by you as a pet owner but also by the pet dental professionals. If you would like to read Dr. Steenkamp's article, please click here.

Meet Tyler Barrett

The BVC is proud to introduce our latest staff member, Veterinary Nurse, Tyler Barrett. Tyler hails from San Diego, California where he has been working at the same veterinary clinic for the past 6 years. He hopes to enter veterinary school shortly, and is excited to be gaining overseas experience with us, here at the BVC.

Opthalmologist visit

Dr. Izak Venter from the Johannesburg Animal Eye Hospital will be visiting the UAE again in February to perform specialised eye surgery on pets. He will be available for consultations and surgery from February 22nd till February 24th 2011. Consultation & Surgical appointments with Dr. Venter can be booked directly with the reception staff at the British Veterinary Centre, Abu Dhabi (tel no. 02 6650085). We have published this information already in one of our previous newsletters, but for those of you that may be interested in cataract surgery and causes of cataracts, please click here and you will find a very comprehensive information sheet* from the Johannesburg Animal Eye Hospital.

* This information might take some time to load.

Pug Nappers Beware!!!

The BVC's Assistant Transport Coordinator, Elsabe Ridley had the scare of her life on January 29th, when her beloved pug, Napoleon was stolen from her home in Al Bahiya. In a marvelous display of caring and professionalism, the Abu Dhabi police responded immediately and even sent a CSI team and interpreter to assist in the investigation. Police units scoured the neighborhood, speaking to potential witnesses and gathering information. Within 4 hours, Napoleon was recovered by police and safely reunited with Elsabe. The officers were pleased that Napoleon had a current vaccination record and a registered microchip number, as this proved Elsabe's ownership, had anyone disputed the theft. We cannot emphasize strongly enough, the importance of keeping your pets protected with current records and microchip registration. Please contact the BVC if you have questions or concerns about pet's identification.

Harrison's Bird Foods,

because the single most important thing you can do for your bird is to feed it right...

Harrison's Bird Food provides excellent nutrition for your parrots lifetime care. It is developed to helps you keep your bird healthy & beautiful. The full range of Harrisons has pellets designed for all sizes of parrots from budgies to cockatiels, African greys, Cockatoos and macaws. All these diets are fully balanced so birds eating the pellets need no further vitamin or mineral supplementation and Harrison's Bird Food formula's are certified organic. Harrison's Bird Food is recommended by our veterinarians and it is available in the clinic. If you would like to know more about this first class bird food, you can visit their website at

Shall we get a Puppy? Part 7.

In this last part of "Shall we get a puppy?" we would like to give you some information on how to stop possible bad behavior in your puppy like jumping on people, biting etc. If you would like to read the information, please click here.


Pet of the month: The Rottweiler
Rottweilers love people and may behave in a clownish manner towards family and friends, but they are also protective of their territory and do not always welcome strangers that are not properly introduced. If you would like to read more on this calm, confident and courageous dog, please click here.

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