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BVC Newsletter | June 2013

We'd like to offer congratulations to client Lisa Nichols, our winner of the "Testimonial of the Month" contest. We thank everyone for their participation, and please know that selecting from your entries was a difficult choice!

With June upon us, the Summer temperatures are already soaring in the UAE. This is the time of year when we like to include information to our readers and clients about proper care for pets in our extreme temperatures.

In this edition we are also looking at our pets reactions to stress, why some pets scoot, as well as providing you with a link for PetSecure pet insurance. We would also like to introduce our new visiting dermatology specialist, Dr. Silvia, and in our "A Partner Ponders" section, Dr. Jonathan will be discussing eye discharge and Herpes virus in cats.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter and look forward to seeing you at any of our BVC branches!

~Jennifer Hale (and Teddy)

Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale, BVC Administrative Partner

Shortcuts: Pet Secure - Pet Insurance | Summer Time... | The stress of modern life! | Dr Silvia - Dermatologist | Why does my pet scoot? | Partner Ponder - The Eyes Have It

Pet Insurance

PetSecure is a brand new pet insurance product designed for pet owners in the UAE. It helps you provide your puppy, kitten, dog, or cat the best medical care possible. PetSecure is an affordable way to protect your pet and yourself.

What would happen if your pet got sick and you didn't have pet insurance? Think about the alternatives to pet insurance and see why PetSecure makes sense. With PetSecure, pet owners can expect a great product that provides the best value. Go to their website and find out more...

Pet Secure

Summer Time

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Summer Time...

In UAE it is warm all year round, with the summer seeing excessively high temperatures and humidity. These conditions mean we have to take extra care with our pets who can feel the heat as much as we do. In fact the air temperature at a pet's level can be much higher than at our level. This is owing to the heat radiating off the ground.

Summer often means vacation time. During this time, it is important to make sure that you take adequate measures to look after your pet. Some pets will go away with their family, while others will stay home with a carer or go to a boarding kennel or cattery.
Whatever solution you choose, make sure that your pet is identified and up to date with their vaccinations and worming treatments. Remember to also take their usual food along with you.

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The stress of modern life!

It may seem difficult to believe, but some of our pampered four legged friends suffer from stress. Pets do not understand our modern lifestyle and so many day-to-day occurrences, that are normal for us, may stress a pet.

Examples include fireworks, redecorating, and moving house.

In addition how we keep our pets is very different from how they would naturally live. This can be one of the factors causing stress. Dogs are pack animals, and their natural habits include roaming, chasing, fighting and scavenging.

However, these behaviours are not really acceptable for the average family member. The same conclusion can be applied to cats: they have moved from being farm commodities, catching mice and grabbing a lick of milk here and there. They lived a dangerous life, keeping slim and fit. Many cats have become fat spending most of their time sleeping on a comfortable sofa and being told off if they dare to bring home even the smallest of prey.

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Modern Life

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Dr Silvia

Dr Silvia

Dr Silvia specialises in dermatology and frequently sees referral patients at our Khalifa City branch. Do contact us to find out about appointment availability.

Silvia just moved from the UK where she was working as a second opinion dermatologist in Scotland, to Oman last summer. She is a qualified European Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology (Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Dermatology) since 2001 and she worked as a second opinion Dermatologist in private practice and Universities in several European Countries, but mostly in the UK (Edinburgh, London and Aberdeen). She is running regular clinics at the BVC in Abu Dhabi for dogs and cats affected by skin problems. She has a special interest in pets' allergology (particularly food allergy and environmental allergy, atopic dermatitis) and in cat dermatology.

Intradermal Skin Testing

Intradermal Skin Testing

Available monthly at our
Khalifa City Branch.

Cat Fear

Article By: Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM

Why does my pet scoot?

Anal sac impactions, infections and abscesses in dogs and cats

Both dogs and cats have anal sacs that may become impacted or infected if not emptying properly. This causes itching, scooting, bad odor and sometimes pain, too. Severe cases may abscess and rupture. Learn the signs of anal sac problems and how to keep your pet comfortable and scoot-free.

A pet "scooting", or dragging the hind end on the carpet, grass, or your favorite rug is something many people have witnessed at one time or another. More common in mid- to smaller-sized dogs, but occasionally seen in larger dogs or cats. Scooting is also common in overweight pets.

But why? Click here to

A Partner Ponders

~ By Dr Jonathan Hale

The Eyes have It

Ever wondered why your cat has discharge in the corners of the eye? Perhaps you`ve been told its normal or perhaps you`ve been told its because you have a Persian cat? Are you fed up with cleaning your cats' eyes or concerned that the discharge might indicate something that is causing your pet discomfort? Well read on if so because I might be able to help shed a little light.

I see a lot of cats with eye discharge. Perhaps 60% of the cats coming through the consult door have some degree of discharge which is immediately discernible when I peal down the eyelids of affected cats during a thorough examination. This is demonstrated in the attached range of pictures. Look away now if you have an eye phobia! If you have taken a look, then look particularly closely at the third eyelid - the white membrane in the inner angle of the eye. We start to see a pretty interesting picture. It varies in its intensity of expression. Some of the eyes have a lot of redness at the junction of the third and lower eyelids. Others have redness plus distended angry blood vessels. In some cases I see the two eyelids have adhered together (adhesions called symblepharon). These are my classic signs of Herpes virus in the eye.

Are you wondering where it comes from? Lots of people ask me where their cat caught it. Continue Reading...

No Img

Dr Jonathan Hale,
Head Veterinarian

Eye Eye Eye

Minor eye discharge as seen from outside

Severe redness of conjunctiva

Severe inflammation third eyelid

Eye Eye Eye

Minor eye discharge

Typical Herpes inflammation

Adhesions of conjunctiva to third eyelid

Dr Jonathan - ~ helping to raise awareness of Feline Herpes virus infections.
Next time I`ll be discussing the causes of another everyday set of problems seen often in my consulting room - red gums and smelly breath in cats - at its most extreme; what people call "Abu Dhabi street cat mouth."