In this months newsletter you can read Dr Jonathan Hale's advice on how to bring a new pet into your home without distressing the already present ones. We have an article from Gelah, senior veterinary nurse at BVC, explaining what a typical working day for her looks like. There are also articles on why cats purr, things to consider before you get a puppy, our monthly special promotion and lots of other information. In our "Breed of the Month" section we give you information on the Sphinx Cat. 

BVC vets advice column by Dr Jonathan Hale


The introduction of a new pet into the house is often a time for potential conflict between the existing members of the same species in the household and the new arrival. This can be very distressing for the humans and the pets in the house and it’s not an uncommon reason for people to call me at the practice.

There are differences in the ways that this situation needs to be handled between dogs and cats. That is hardly surprising as dogs are pack animals by nature while cats are solitary by nature. Knowing some of these basic features of cats and dogs does go a long way to understanding why they react as they do. If you would like to read more, please click here


A cat’s purr
Some of you may know that cats don't purr only when they are content and happy. They also purr during tense or traumatic moments. When suddenly and violently injured or even at moments near death, a cat will often purr. It was said that the cat meant to say: "Please don't hurt me any more. I'll be good," but recent studies have put a more scientific spin on this seeming anomaly. If you would like to read more, please click here.


A Day in the Life of a BVC Veterinary Nurse
Meet Gelah Marie Magtuba, senior veterinary nurse here at the British Veterinary Centre.  Gelah earned her veterinary degree in the Philippines and has worked at the BVC for 3 years. Gelah’s day begins early, rising at 5:30 am to prepare herself for the busy day ahead. 

Arriving at work by 7:00 am, Gelah’s first task is to do a ward round checking the status of all in-patients in our various hospital wards. There are separate cat, dog, bird and isolation wards at the BVC. Medicines must be given, medical notes logged on the computer whiteboard, and patient comfort and cleaning must be overseen. Gelah oversees the trainee nurses who do the cleaning of the hospital wards. Once this is done, Gelah can then take a short break.  If you would like to read more about Gelah’s day at the BVC, please click here.


Job opening at the BVC
There is a vacancy at the BVC’s Pet Travel & Boarding section. Interested?
Please click here and you can read what the position includes and how you can apply.


Shall we get a puppy?
Are you considering adding a puppy to your family?
Choosing a puppy is easier said than done......... Perhaps the holiday season is the best time for you to consider, in a relaxed atmosphere, the pro’s and con’s of having a puppy and the impact of this choice on you and your family. If you click here, you’ll find information that will help you to make a balanced decision. We are planning to make this a sequel where you will find regular tips on what to think of and consider. In our August issue you will find information/help on how to pick a breed that is suitable for you!


Special July promotion on Hill’s Mini Dog Food
Buy one 1 kg bag of Hills Science Mature 7+ Mini Premium Dog and get a second bag FREE
Buy a 3 kg bag of Hills Science Plan Mature 7+ Mini and get a 1 kg bag for FREE. Examples of mini dog breeds are Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese Poodles, Chihuahuas and Miniature Pinchers. Hill’s is a premium dog food and recommended by the BVC vets.



If you like to puzzle.........
Then click here
and you’ll find an animal word puzzle.


Cat Breed of the month: the Sphinx
Sphinx cats are extremely inquisitive and love to be the center of attention. They perform silly antics for your entertainment and are sometimes downright clumsy, on purpose it seems. They make great show cats because of this ''look at me" attitude and they are easy for judges to handle. They prefer human attention but enjoy the company of dogs and other cats. They have an abundance of energy and mischief and are always with you, on you or showing off for you. "Love Mooch" is the perfect term for these amazing cats.

If you would like to read more, please click here.


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