Our Vets

Dr Martin Wyness, BVM&S, MRCVS

Is the founder and CEO of The British Veterinary Centre. He brings experience from UK, Australia, New Zealand and the USA to the UAE and wider Middle East market. Dr Martin's major interest is in keeping the British Veterinary Centre at the forefront of private veterinary care in the UAE and wider region. He is also involved with development of new veterinary services in the Middle East. See The Royal Animal Hospital Kuwait. He is available for ultrasound referrals at the BVC.

Dr Jonathan Hale, BVSc, Cert VR, MRCVS

Dr Jonathan is our head vet and responsible for the day-to-day running of our clinic. He is a very experienced surgeon and performs the majority of the complicated operations at The British Veterinary Centre. He also sees surgical referral cases from the region for spinal and advanced orthopaedic surgery. He also has a special interest in avian and wildlife work. Jonathan believes that its important for us to keep learning new skills and he is currently expanding a minimally invasive surgery service at the BVC using endoscopy.

Dr Nick Terraz, BVetMed, MRCVS

Nick is from France, but grew up in Dubai and graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in London. His interests at work include ultrasonography, soft tissue surgery and exotics, but he also enjoys doing the vast majority of the charity work for our BVC Adoptions pets and Feline Friends. He believes in providing high quality yet compassionate veterinary care for all his patients.

Dr Ahmad Jakish, DVM, CCRP

He was born in Syria there after, Dr. Jakish moved to Washington State, USA in 2001 and passed the American veterinary medical examinations for licensure as a veterinarian in the United States. Dr. Jakish also completed a certificate program in canine rehabilitation and physical therapy through the University of Tennessee. In the USA his last post was as the medical director of a United States national animal rescue organization and simultaneously as the director of the Animal Rehabilitation Center of Seattle. Dr. Jakish is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and member of the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians.

Dr Rachel Shaw, BVetMed, MRCVS

Rachel graduated from the Royal Veterinary College London, in 2001. She spent her first five years gaining a wealth of experience working in small animal practice in the North of England before coming to the UAE to practice in 2006. Rachel joined the team at our Khalifa city branch as Associate Veterinarian in June 2013. She prides herself in being a competent and compassionate first opinion veterinarian committed to providing the very best in patient care. She is experienced in and thoroughly enjoys treating our smaller and furrier patients.

Dr Renata De Rosayro Arnot,

Renata graduated from The Royal Veterinary College, University of London, 1996.Her career path was immediately biased towards small animals, working all over the UK. Though her interest has been in dermatology, she found that working as a locum and being a general practitioner more to her calling than specialising. In her career, Renata had an opportunity to assist in a neutering clinic in Spain; worked for DEFRA (Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs) in the UK as a temporary Local Veterinary Inspector during the Foot and Mouth Crisis for almost 2 years and recently had set up on her own as a 'home visit veterinarian'. Her journey has allowed her to see how various practices are run and to be exposed to the differences in practising medicine and surgery. She now lives here with her husband and 2 boys.

Dr Jose Botte,

José was born in Portugal and studied veterinary medicine at the University of Lisbon, also completing placements and externships in Spain, Colombia and England. He obtained a Masters in Veterinary Science with a dissertation in veterinary cardiology, for which he was distinguished with the 2013 SPCAV-Vetmedin award. Having worked in many high standard practices in Portugal and abroad he always aimed at continuously improving his knowledge and skills in internal medicine, with particular emphasis in cardiology and diagnostic imaging as his main areas of interest. He is a member of the Portuguese Society of Veterinary Cardiology and the Portuguese Veterinary Medical Association.


Please contact us to find out when the next referal visit will be.

Oncology - Dr Monica Clemente, DVM, PhD, Dip. ACVIM

Monica graduated Suma Cum Laude in Veterinary Medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid, class of 2004, and then obtained a PhD degree in Veterinary Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid in 2009, focusing on Canine Mammary Tumors. She performed Oncology Services externships, at both the University Of Florida and Ohio State University during her PhD period. She is also American Board Certified in Veterinary Internal Medicine within the specialty of Oncology since May 2011. Along with her PhD, she has also worked as a clinical instructor as part of the Internal Medicine Service (Endocrinology and Mammary tumors) at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Dermatology - Dr Silvia T Auxilia, MVB (Hons) Dip ECVD Cert VD MRCVS

Silvia just moved from the UK where she was working as a second opinion dermatologist in Scotland, to Oman last summer. She is a qualified European Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology (Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Dermatology) since 2001 and she worked as a second opinion Dermatologist in private practice and Universities in several European Countries, but mostly in the UK (Edinburgh, London and Aberdeen). She is running regular clinics at the BVC in Abu Dhabi for dogs and cats affected by skin problems. She has a special interest in pets' allergology (particularly food allergy and environmental allergy, atopic dermatitis) and in cat dermatology.

Ophthalmology - Dr. Antony Goodhead

Antony Goodhead, from South Africa , was schooled in the Durban area and completed a BSc Agriculture degree at the University of Natal. Following this, he went to Onderstepoort Veterinary Faculty, Pretoria University, where he completed his BVSc degree as well as the Masters degree in ophthalmology. Antony has had the opportunity to live and work in the UK and to regularly attend international veterinary ophthalmology congresses in Europe and the USA. Antony holds his Certificate in Veterinary Ophthalmology from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. He is married and has two teenage daughters. He enjoys good quality family time and outdoor activities such mountain biking, camping, walking and birding. Antony also volunteers his time for the World Small Animal Veterinary Association by assisting with professional continuing education ophthalmology lecturing in Africa for veterinarians in general practice. Visit JAEH for more info www.jaeh.co.za

Dentistry - Dr. Gerhard Steenkamp

Gerhard qualified as a veterinarian from Onderstepoort in 1994. He then pursued his special interest in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery in the UK, where he attended the inaugural course in Veterinary Dentistry at the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies. On his return to South Africa in 1998, Gerhard joined the Veterinary faculty at Onderstepoort and also consulted and treated referral cases from the Johannesburg Animal Eye Hospital and the Cape Animal Medical Centre. His clinical practice has grown and he currently consults referrals from all over South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe Gerhard is an active researcher and his areas of interest relates to dentistry and especially pathology of the maxillofacial complex of wildlife, but also small animals. Visit his website for more info www.vetdentsa.co.za

Our Support Team

Jennifer is the Administrative Partner of the BVC & our Accounts Manager from the US. She also helps with Customer Service, BVC Adoptions and has a special interest in handling our avian clients. Jennifer puts her heart and soul into the business and helps in so many ways to make us a great veterinary hospital.

Norman is a registered nurse from the Philippines with a background in pharmaceutical administration, making him the perfect candidate as our pharmacy supervisor and also our purchasing manager. He maintains all the stock levels throughout the clinic: pet food, pet toys, medication and all other equipment and supplies a high quality veterinary practice requires. On occasion he will be seen working as part of our reception team.

Monaliza is our extremely efficient morning Receptionist and makes sure the reception area runs a smoothly as possible - not always easy in a busy vet practice! She makes sure everyone is greeted warmly and recognised on their return to the practice.

Hameed is one of our old timers – with the business for almost 15 years. He helps to makes sure that the premises is always in top shape and ready for the next patient to be treated, as well as covering some driving responsibilities.

Saeed is one of our Cleaners / Messengers and helps with the increased workload in boarding, feeding and cleaning.

Juhn is a very hardworking young man. A member of our nursing staff, Juhn helps keep our ward patients comfortable and well cared for.

Nibu is our Lab Manager. He is from India and has a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology. Nibu is responsible for analyzing samples, preparing shipments and always keeps the laboratory up to date.

Tammy is a registered nurse from the US and a dedicated member of our evening Reception Team. She is the clinics customer service representative, and works hard to keep things running smoothly and professionally.

Jadan is of our drivers and is often to be seen at the airport in the wee hours of the morning collecting pets from an inbound flight to make sure they are safely delivered to their new home.

Elpidio is from the Philippines and works as a veterinary nurse here at the BVC. He holds a degree in Animal Husbandry and has much experience with birds and exotic wildlife. Elpidio is always willing to lend a hand in taking the best care of our patients.

Chris is one of our morning receptionists and admin assistants at our Khalifa City Branch. She is from the UK and has been here in Abu Dhabi for a number of years. Animals are her passion, making sure they are all welcomed to the BVC. She has her own animal family at home, 5 dogs and a cat.

Christobelle is from Sri Lanka and she is our afternoon receptionist. She is responsible for making sure the veterinary runs smoothly and effectively during the peak hours of the day. Her main objective is to make sure the clients and customers are kept happy and satisfied with the services the clinic provides.

Lemeul is a surgical nurse from the Philippines. He is equipped with the knowledge and skills for assisting with complex surgeries at the BVC. Lemuel is also in charge of instrument preparation which plays an essential role in surgical procedures, and is a great asset to our dedicated team of doctors.

Alma, a member of staff at the BVC Khalifa Branch. Alma has three children whom she loves very much. "They are the reason why I’m working abroad here in the UAE." She likes working at the BVC because aside from being a dedicated mom, she's also a passionate animal lover. "I really enjoy the fact that I am able to care for animals as a part of my job."

Lennyl is our full time receptionist at the BVC Khalifa City Branch. "I have been working in UAE for 4 years now and have just moved to Abu Dhabi in March 2012. I am loyal, reliable, determined and a very helpful person. I am always ready and happy to help clients, especially with customer service. It's a great feeling to hear our clients saying “Thank you” when they receive the best care and service we can provide at the BVC."

Simon is from the Northeast of England and has joined the BVC team to run our new Al Ain branch. Aside from managing the shop, scheduling appointments, and keeping everything running smoothly, Simon also makes customer service his top priority - and is commited to offering the best care for our customers and their pets.

Dora is from Budapest in Hungary, where she studied for her diploma in dog grooming. She is fully qualified and has over 15 years of grooming experience. She is an ardent animal lover and her care, kindness and skill are easily apparent with her grooming work. Your pets will look wonderful and be pampered throughout. Grooming appointments with Dora are available for both the Al Ain and Khalifa City branches.

Zoe is from London and studied veterinary nursing for 15 years. She started with the BVC in 1994 and spent 10 years growing with the company. She started the pet transport section of the BVC in 1999 due to high demand and after traveling for 8 years has come back to be our Pet Transport Manager. She can also speak French, Spanish and German for our overseas clients.

Asher is a motivated and creative individual. With 10 years’ experience within UAE Banks and Financial Institutes. He is enjoying his career by applying and developing his skills and knowledge here at The British Veterinary Centre.

Winnie is part of our morning nursing team, a graduate of Veterinary Medicine in the Philippines. She has worked as a veterinary technician in the UAE for 3 years before joining our team. She has a keen interest in complex surgeries and exotics. She hopes to gain experience in these areas whilst working at the BVC. She is part of the morning nursing tam and helps in the laboratory when needed.

Almie is a vet from the Philippines and part of our nursing team. She worked in Singapore for more than a year before she relocated to the UAE, seeking more experience allowing her to progress in her career.

Sheryl is one of our receptionists at the KCA Branch. She has been working with veterinary clinics for more than 5 years. It’s always been her pleasure attending to clients and to their fury love ones. Sheryl has been in UAE for 7 years with her 2 cats.

Bryan is our newest trainee nurse here at the BVC Main Branch. He helps keep our ward in order and very keen to provide our in-patients the comfort that they need. He looks forward to learn not just the very best pet care, but to be a good nurse to sick animals as well.

Jenielyn is from the Philipines and graduated Veterinary Medicine at Benguet State University in 2008. After 5 years experience back home, she moved to the UAE and joined the BVC nursing team. She hopes to gain experience in small animal care and building lasting customer relationships.

Alvert, a new member of nursing staff, helps taking care of the in-patients. He loves animals and is willing to work with all species. He shows friendliness, empathy and patients towards the animals and enjoys learning. He loves the job.

Hershey is a graduate of AB Psychology at Tarlac State University, Philippines 2007. She is BVC’s new HR Administrator. She has a total of 8 years experience in handling HR and administrative functions, both in the Philippines and here in Abu Dhabi. She makes sure that all HR/PRO related matters are properly and smoothly processed and communicated in all BVC branches. She constantly offers her assistance with her work colleagues and with the clients as well. Aside from the admin office, you can see her at the reception as she also do locum reception duties when the need arises.

Jhay is one of the new members of our nursing team from Philippines. When he first came to the UAE he worked as animal handler here in Abu Dhabi. He is very enthusiastic to expand his skills on animal care and clinical practice through BVC. He is a very flexible person and is always willing to do other tasks if needed.

Segundo grew up with cats and dogs and so developed a great passion for our four legged pets from an early age. His early grooming experience began in the Philippines. He then moved to Dubai and initially worked for an import and export pet company. He then met a business partner for home based grooming. He has attended seminars and dogs shows regularly to update the latest techniques in this industry, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as a groomer and an Artist. When grooming, his priority is the condition of your pet, and the owners satisfaction keeping the quality of clinic grooming standard.

Giovanne, a graduate of Veterinary Medicine from Benguet State University in 2013. She has worked with small animals at a veterinary clinic in the Philippines. Has a great passion and for the care of small animals. A keen interest on a wide variety of other species. She joined the nursing team to broaden her knowledge and improve her skills.

Lorna works full time for our reception. She is a morning receptionist with warm and welcoming personality.

Uzi, Growing up in Kenya Uzi has always had a love for animals, focusing on an animal care based career he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Nursing at the University of Central Lancashire. Before joining the BVC he worked as a locum veterinary nurse all over the United Kingdom and even France. His areas of interest are anaesthesia and analgesia as well as emergency work. When not taking care of animals at work, he is either travelling or scuba diving as he has a strong interest in seeing the world both above and below.

Lauren is the most recent addition to our team and not to mention our youngest employee. She currently works full time as a receptionist on the day shift. Lauren has taken a gap year before going to university in Canada where she plans to pursue a degree in Biotechnology.

Allan is the newest member of our support team. He manages our cat boarding facility and replenishes stocks in our reception. Being an animal lover, he volunteered himself to an organization here in Abu Dhabi that feeds strays and street cats. He loves dogs and fascinated with birds.

Marisoll, a graduate of Veterinary Medicine in the Philippines, worked as a Veterinary Technician both in the home country and the UAE. After several years dealing in small animals she joined the UAE's biggest zoo expanding her knowledge into exotic animals and animal husbandry. She worked with exotics for 5 years and further enhanced her training by attending Durrell's zoo keeper courses (Jersey Zoo) and enlisting in the advanced zoo keeper course offered by that organization. Her duties also included looking after those scaly and slithery critters which is not everyone’s cup of tea, but her enthusiasm to gain experience in all exotic types lead her down this path during her 5 year tenure. She has now returned to domestic small animals which is what inspired her into the veterinary field.

Serhii Sadovkyi, also known as Serg, is from Ukraine and graduated from Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University in 2013. He obtained the qualification Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine. He had practiced in Denmark for one and a half year. Eager, perspective and responsible, he works as Dr Jonathan’s surgical assistant and consult nurse. He loves animals, running and out door activities.

Dan trained as a pet grooming in Singapore. He is a graduate of animal science. He always knew that he wanted to work with animals since childhood. For him, the most rewarding thing about grooming is the ability to do a complete makeover. When you dog or cat is in his care, it’s an opportunity to wash away the old, and create a fresh new look. He has an endless love for animals and understands that your pet is a valued member of your family.


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