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"Dear Dr Jonathan,
We would like to take the time to thank you especially for this absolutely marvellous and fabulous work you did on Milo. He is a changed cat with a proper bum now. I am actually joking that his bum is now prettier than his face :-) He himself is also much happier and relaxed. His poo is regular and with fresh pumpkin puree it stays soft enough without the vomiting that he showed with the lactulose. I also use Laxopet from time to time as he doesn't vomit with this either. He uses the litter box just fine and is hardly losing any stool "on the way" anymore. There are no problems with the urine at all.
We are so grateful for this wonderful turn-a-round as he has now a good chance to get adopted into a nice forever home. The little one really deserves that.
I certainly will praise your work to everybody. Absolutely fantastic job!

"Thank you. We are eternally grateful for making Milo happy."

- Martina + Team

"Hello to everyone at BVC pet export and the BVC office…. Badger made the trip to the USA in excellent condition and is now an American Dawg… He has settled in nicely in Indiana, bonded with my Mom, Husband and Son. Ron (my husband) said he was sad for two days and then decided to heck with me….!!!!
Thank you all for the very nice and professional support provided…..

BVC has been my pet care provider for one dog and four cats for seven years…."


- Yours Sincerely,

"Your professionalism was incredible, but your kindness and compassion was what really meant so much to us."

- With Gratitude
The Wilsons

"Dear BVC Clinic Staff and Clients,

We arrived to the BVC Clinic just before Christmas, our Puppy named Lucky was in really bad shape. We live in Dubai, and were sent to the BVC Clinic as it is considered one of the best Clinics in the region.

After having a very serious virus infection Lucky developed a stricture in his oesophagus. He could not eat or drink anything without regurgitating (kind of vomiting) straight away, so the only way he could be feed was via an intravenous drip. He was very thin and starving.

After ten days of treatment, we picked up Lucky this afternoon and we could see that he was saved by the BVC competent staff. He is leaving in very good shape, eating and very happy.

During these ten days of complicated treatment we could notice that the BVC staff really cares about the pets they take care off. They listen to the pet owners and will try to help you as much as they can. If you, as a client, have any financial concerns, just tell then before starting the treatment and they will try to help you too, I can assure that they did the best they could for our family.

Once again thank you so much for saving our beloved Puppy."

-Accept our best regards,
Ruhl Family

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